What’s this website about?

It’s a place where I write about lessons that I don’t want to forget and interest-free economics.

Why interest-free economics?

Interest or usury has been forbidden, restricted or at least looked down upon by most religions and societies throughout history.  It’s only recently, in the past few hundred years that it’s become common place.  So common place, in fact, that we can’t imagine how an economy would function without it.

So here I’d like to do some imagining.

There must be some good reasons why interest / usury has been so universally disliked.  What are they?

What would happen if interest was forbidden?  How would the economy work?

Are there any examples of interest-free systems or institutions that could replace the conventional saving, lending and investment systems that we see today?

These are some of the questions I’d like to explore here.

Are you an economist?

No.  I’m actually trained as an engineer.  I have a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with a minor in Economics and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.  I’ve worked as an engineer, researcher, instructor, copywriter and marketing director but not yet as an economist.

Most recently, I’ve been writing articles for Muslim Link, particularly in their Islamic Finance section.