Maintaining momentum

When you’re on a roll, getting things done is so much easier. You’re confident, you know how to do it, it’s easy to keep going.

Inertia, in this case, is on your side. An object in motion remains in motion until an external force acts upon it.

Unfortunately, this inertia of motion is fragile. It doesn’t take much to break it. You get lazy, confused, not sure what to do, overwhelmed, something comes up, something else demands your attention and seems more important so you skip a day. That day becomes two days, three days, a week, a month and before you know it, this good habit that you had built, this project you were working on gets put on the shelf for a year or more.

So when you’re on a roll, protecting and maintaining that momentum is a high priority. An interruption isn’t just a pause for a day. It could be years. It could be the end of that project all together.

And if you do lose momentum, do whatever you can to restart. Break the task down to something smaller. Keep breaking it down. Lower the bar until you can’t help but trip over it.

When you’re going, keep going. Don’t let anything get in your way. There’s too much at stake here.

And if you stop, don’t just sit there. Get up. And get yourself going again.

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