Non-fixed resources

Some resources aren’t fixed.  They become more available to you the more you use them.
It’s like how muscles grow with use and shrink when left idle.  In this case, you don’t have to carefully decide what you’re using that muscle for.  What’s important is that you’re using it.
You can walk, do housework, go to the gym, lift weights, play with kids — the more you move, the more you can move.
The ability to concentrate on deep work is also like this.  Whether you’re reading a difficult text, writing something for publication, preparing a presentation, the more you use this muscle, the stronger it gets.
The same goes for ideas.  The more ideas you come up with, whether good or bad, the more ideas will come to you.
So the key here is not to be too picky and wait for the ideal activity, application or idea. Move, concentrate, come up with ideas.  Don’t worry about doing the best thing.  Do something.  And keep doing it.  So you can do more.

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